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Mathematical Olympiad is an activity aimed at locating and then nurturing Mathematical talent among school children. India has been participating in International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO) since 1989 and its performance has been praiseworthy. Every year a team of six school students is sent to participate in the IMO. This team is selected through a 2-tier system of Regional Mathematical Olympiads followed by the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad.

In order that the students perform well in IMO it is desirable that they are initiated in the Olympiad activity at an early stage. With this view in mind National Mathematical Olympiads is held at different levels, viz., Beginners Mathematical Olympiad (for students of class VI), Preparatory Mathematical Olympiad (for students of class VII), Elementary Mathematical Olympiad (for students of class VIII), Junior Mathematical Olympiad (for students of class IX) and Senior Mathematical Olympiad (for students of class X). The NMO is sponsored by Indian Mathematical Olympiad Foundation. It is held every year usually in the last/first week of November/December. The announcement of the examination date is made by the Regional Coordinators who send the application forms to all Schools of the Region. The applications forms can also be obtained directly from the National Coordinator Dr S. P. Arya, Department of Mathematics, Maitreyi College, Bapudham Complex, Chnakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021.